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Saint for the Day August 24th.

St. Bartholomew. (1st C.)

Apart from his name, which occurs in every list of the Twelve, the New Testament tells us nothing about him.  In the list of apostles the name of Bartholomew is always joined with that of Philip.  Twice St. John speaks of a friend of Philip called Nathanael, who was ‘of the disciples’ of the Saviour. Did Bartholomew have two names?  Is he the same person as Nathanael?  He is said to have preached in Asia Minor, NW India and Greater Armenia and to have been flayed alive.  His alleged relics are enshrined in Rome on the island in the Tiber called after him, Isolo di San Bartolomeo.  The New Testament tells us nothing about Bartholomew except his name, but the later stories, and they are at least true in spirit, tell us of a man who knew his Lord, who lived and preached and died for the faith.

Quote for Today.

‘A banker is a man who lends you an umbrella when the weather is fair, and takes it away from you when it rains.’





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God our Father, Shepherd and Guide, look with love on Francis, your servant, the pastor of your church. May his word and example continue to inspire and guide the Church and may he and all those entrusted to his care come to the joy of everlasting life. Amen.




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