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Saint for the Day September 24th.

Our Lady of Ransom.

The only feast of Our Lady proper to England, it reminds us that we are the Dowry of Mary.  By 621 the Visigoths had finally made themselves masters of Spain.  In 710 the Arabs came in their turn, drove them into the mountains of Asturias and conquered almost the whole peninsula.  It took six centuries to get them out.  During that time many Christians were taken into captivity, others were sold as slaves to the Saracens.  Ransom had to be paid to obtain their deliverance, though many families could not do this. In 1218 Peter Nolasco founded the Order of Our Lady of Mercy for the redemption of captives, having been encouraged by an apparition of the Blessed Virgin.  This Order, thanks to their heroism and to the generosity of Christians, was fruitful in results and continued until the Moorish piracy ended.  Pope Leo XIII personally encouraged the devotion and becoming the first President of the Guild of our Lady of Ransom to foster the re-conversion of England.

Quote for Today.

‘One must judge men, not by their opinions, but by what their opinions have made of them.’




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God our Father, Shepherd and Guide, look with love on Francis, your servant, the pastor of your church. May his word and example continue to inspire and guide the Church and may he and all those entrusted to his care come to the joy of everlasting life. Amen.




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