Parish Parish Registers    August 23, 2017


Parish Registers
From the Parish Registers
for December

  Please pray for the souls of those departed whose anniversaries occur this month.


Eric H. Acons

Mary Keenan

Rose Allen Lynn

Frederick R. Kimberley

Constance Anger

Stanislaus Kroics

Daisy Ashcroft

Ellen F. Law

John Atter

Thomas Mashford

Kenneth  Baptist

Joseph McCabe

Derek Barker

John McCluskey

Nora M. Barnette

Cecil A. McCoy

Douglas Bassford

John McDermott

Suzanne J. Bate

Asa J. McGarva

Harry G. Bates

Edward McKenzie

Jacqueline Bell

Francis McNulty

Rose Biggs


Julia Bird

Albert Mitchell

William Bird

Nelson Mitchell

Katrina H.  Bishop

Patrick C.  Moloney

Elizabeth Bowers

Thomas Mooney

Doris Bright

Joseph Morris

Austin Brown

John Murphy

M. Browne

Sarah Nixon

Cyril Burgess

Mary O'Boyle

Ellen Calcroft

John O'Brien

Sharon Carter


Ellen Cashin

Gerald O'Reilly

Jonathan R. Clay

Michael O'Reilly

John Cole

Peter O'Rourke

Edna Collins

Winifred O'Rourke

Michael Conboy

Florence G. O'Shaughnessy

Peter Connor

Frederick Page

Kathleen (Kitty) Conway

Paulo Pinto

Nesta Conway

Doreen Quinn

Nichola R. Crisp

Thomas Ratigan

Adrian E. Crush

Elizabeth Raynor

Lawrence A. Davidson

Thomas G. Riggs

Ellen Desmond

Ellen Roche

Edward Dinan

Hugh Ross

Michael Doherty

Teresa M. Rushworth

Anthony Dolan

Agnes J. Sanders

Marjorie Duller

Francis Schofield

Thomas J. Dwyer

Nora Sentence

Mary Edlington

Mary Sherry

Iris I. Etheridge

John Shevlin

Catherine P. Finch

Marjorie A. Skinn

Joan M.  Flynn

Julius Sooky

Terence Flynn

Frederick Steer

Florence E. Foster

William Stephenson

Lars M. Frykman

Mary Sygrove

Laura Gadsby

Elizabeth Taphouse

Owen Gallagher

Philip Taurins

Peter Gallagher

Anthony Taylor

May  Godber

Kathleen  Thompson

Maria Green

Margaret Tite

Ellen Grimshaw

Roland C. Townhill

Peter Hadlow

Aleksa Vroservice

Brian Hall

Alexander Ward

John Halpin

Thomas Waters

Elizabeth Hills

Andrew Whincup

Charles Jackson

Ella Wilkinson

Eric Jackson

Peter Woodall

Tadeusz Jasinski

Elizabeth Wormall





and from the Corby Glen Register



Alice Ellis

Alice Harris

Ann Greenberry

Martha Harwood

Elizabeth Greenberry

John Meaney

Hannah Hare

John Skillington



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God our Father, Shepherd and Guide, look with love on Francis, your servant, the pastor of your church. May his word and example continue to inspire and guide the Church and may he and all those entrusted to his care come to the joy of everlasting life. Amen.




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