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Stations of the Cross 2011


Jesus is Condemned to Death
Standing in the middle of an angry crowd
Praying for Jesus.
Pilate asks the crowd
My hands shaking
My mouth trembling
My heart broken.
“Crucify him”
Those terrible words
Hit my ears
But this had to be
Alex Rogerson Y6



Jesus Receives the Cross
Jesus receives the extremely heavy cross
Mary’s heart is beating rapidly
Jesus takes his first few steps,
Close to falling over
But no stumble in sight.
Mary knew what was going to happen
Her feelings: worried, mortified, upset.
Whilst Jesus feels calm but isolated.
Mary and Jesus both sacrifice –
For Mary looses her son
But Jesus looses his life.
Alicia Haith Y6
Jesus Falls for the First Time
My mother started crying
When I fell
The sky is spinning
With the world
I’m dying
Feeling pain
Pain started sorrow
The world began to end
And that’s why people
Fight again
Adrian Kudla Y5
Jesus is met by his Blessed Mother
Jesus died, he died for us
His mother was heart broken
The guard told him to carry his heavy load
So Jesus carried it down the road.
Mary watched with something in her eye
Something called a tear
But inside she was full of fear.
The nasty guard mocked Jesus
All the guards whacked and whipped
While Mary felt his hardship.
Charli Gray Y6
Walking up the hill
Jesus meets Mary, his mother
She did not speak
She was in too much pain
Like a nightmare! Crying inside.
Jesus had nothing to say
But in his eye you could see fear
No more pain
He had courage.
Now his time has come
He’ll die
But his love for us won’t go.
Marcel Ludew Y5
The Cross is laid upon Simon of Cyrene
Why did it happen?
When I look back, I am heartbroken
To see what you went through.
Why am I so careless?
When I think of how you were stripped
And deprived of your garments.
Why am I so selfish?
I stood by and did nothing.
It kills me inside,
To think of the thorns placed on your head
While you bled to death.
Charlotte Parkin Y6



Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
We are sorry when we put ourselves before others
When we should have thought of our friends and brothers.
We now need to be brave and fearless
And to live like Veronica, who was tearless.
We need to help others and also give
Then people will be nice and forgive.
We know you died for us, so we need to start kneeling
Then he will wash away our sins and we can start healing.
Joshua Collingwood Y6
Jesus Falls for the Second Time
A storm was rising
As Jesus fell
Then you could see
That Mary was grieving
She was dying inside.
As the guards poked
And as they joked
Mary was dying inside.
As people gathered round
The world stopped
Mary was dying inside.
Ellie McCaffery Y6
A storm was rising as Jesus was walking to the cross
Where he was going to die
He felt really upset inside.
He knew that he had to die
For his friends, family, his followers
And especially his disciples.
Then he fell.
He knew he had to carry on
And with courage he did
Jack Gurney Y5



The Women of Jerusalem weep for Jesus
The women of Jerusalem are crying
Whilst Jesus is in agony
Mary is pleading,
But the guards won’t release him.
Everyone is so emotional
And is badly hurt inside.
The floor rumbles beneath his feet,
Because of the stamping of the soldiers.
Mary wishes it was her,
But Jesus knows it was meant to be.
His feet were hurting
And were full of painful splinters.
Harry McIntosh Y6
Jesus Falls for the Third Time
Jesus is in pain and agony,
He gave his life for us.
He was brave and courageous
When he fell he rose again.
He fell down on the rocky floor,
The pain was intense.
The rocky floor slipped under his feet,
Jesus shuddered as he stood up.
Jesus was strong and brave.
The earth rumbled
As he walked up the hill.
Christopher Barrow Y6
Suffering in agony
He tiredly walked up the hill
With a heavy cross.
He fell for us
In pain as well
Worried and frightened
He still carried his cross
As blood dripped
Down his face.
He falls for the third time
The soldier marched
Kicking Jesus up the hill.
Demi Miller Y6



Jesus is Stripped of his Garments
Oh Jesus, when we have not realised
What we were doing, we have stripped
You in our own way.
Oh Jesus, I now feel guilty as I see you
Being forced to death. I am sorry for when
We have tried to take things.
Oh Jesus, I am sorry for offending other
People, not having thought about what
To say.
Oh Jesus, I am so annoyed with those
Guards, not believing and not thinking
As well.
Now as I think again, I realise
I have been like those guards.
Oh Jesus, I am horrified when I look back
And see how people have treated you.
Why were people like that oh Lord?
Oh Jesus, now as I sit back and think
I am so shocked
How you were stripped and nobody cared.
And now, oh Jesus, I know why
You served us like that,
You died for us, you loved us all.
And this is what I will do….
Love you!
Kerry Pearson Y6
Jesus help me be like you
We have hurt you in our own way,
Jesus let those guards strip his clothes off him,
But we have stripped him in our own way.
Jesus died for us,
He died for our own sins,
We hurt him in our own way,
I feel annoyed, for Jesus did this for us.
Jesus had his clothes stripped off him,
He did this for us,
I feel guilty that he did this for us,
I feel angry that the guards were so cruel
And nobody could help him.
Lauren Mitchell Y6
Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
Jesus was nailed to the cross
And joined his father in heaven.
I felt his pain
But I think it was my gain.
The women of Jerusalem wept
As Jesus was struggling for his last breath
He felt like he was burning
Because of the terrible nails.
Underneath the cross there was a flood of blood
But he did it for us
I am sorry for you Mary
For loosing your only son
Liam Perry Y6
Jesus Dies Upon the Cross
Oh Lord, you died on Friday night
Leaving Mary’s hear broken.
You were not aware of the pain
You would bear,
On that Friday night.
Oh, Lord, your suffering caused you to die,
You lie in a tomb while your relatives sigh.
The pain you felt, we all feel it too,
All of that on Friday night.
Oh Lord, you died on the hill of Calvery
Where your cross was hung.
God looked down from heaven
And felt sorry for His son
All on that Friday night.
Mary Cross Y6
Nailed to the cross,
Hands and feet,
Bleeding for the
World’s sins!
Oh Lord I will
Not sin again.
The soldiers
Hurt, harm
And kill you!
Oh Lord
They do wrong!
You couldn’t do
Anything about it,
You had to die
Alone and painfully!
Oh Lord
I wish I could help!
You died for me
For my sins
And others
Oh Lord
You are so brave!
Eliza Williams Y5
Oh Lord please help others
To know that you sacrificed
Your life for others
I am angry that the soldiers
Didn’t know
But they still hit you
When you were weak.
Oh Jesus I am horrified
That you had to hang
On a cross
Left by yourself.
Why did they have to be so mean and selfish
Unlike you
Oh Lord
I am very thankful
That you died
So we could still be here today.
Makhale Mahlatsi Y6
Jesus is laid in the arms of his Blessed Mother
Oh, Jesus
We are thankful that
You have saved us,
That you weren’t selfish
About your crucifixion.
Oh Jesus
We are heartbroken that
You couldn’t do anything
About it and that your
Mother watched you in pain.
Oh Jesus
We are horrified that
You had to go through
This pain and no-one
Helped you.
Oh Jesus
We love you
That you were brave
And positive about your work.
Oh Jesus
We feel sorry for your mother
Who held you in her arms and for
The people you inspired.
Natalia Ubysz Y6



Jesus is laid in the Tomb
Oh Lord
Thank you for giving your life for us
Why did you do it
And why were you nice to the people who hurt you?
We need your help because without it we are unkind
You were nice to them
Because they may say sorry to you.
Oh Lord
Thank you for giving your life up for us
Why did you let them hurt you?
I now know that in my life
I have been like those guards
Everyone of us has been unkind
At some point in our lives.
Oh Lord
Thank you for giving your life up for us
Why did you give your life up
For people who did not care about you?
Thank you for dying and coming back alive for us
We all need to act like your mother, Mary
But everyone finds it hard.
Ross McIntosh Y6
Jesus when I think of what they did
I feel anger
I feel hurt for your belief
Jesus, when I think of you on the cross
I feel heartbroken
That you were all alone
Jesus, when I think of you in the tomb
I feel helpless
That I couldn’t help you.
Jesus, when I think of you risen
I feel hope
That you were safe and happy.
Shania Kevern Y6


Prayer for the Pope Minimize




God our Father, Shepherd and Guide, look with love on Francis, your servant, the pastor of your church. May his word and example continue to inspire and guide the Church and may he and all those entrusted to his care come to the joy of everlasting life. Amen.




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Prayers Minimize
Dear Lord,
Help us to be strong like Mary, when she lost her own son.
Help us to give things up, like Joseph. Amen
Dear Lord,
Please forgive the guards and disbelievers of Jesus. Please let them learn from this mistake and make them see their wrong. Let them believe. Let them see the pain and suffering that your Son, Jesus Christ, went through. Amen
Dear Lord,
Please help us on the right path and help lead us away from evil. Amen
Dear Lord,
Please help your mother Mary and show us the good side of life. Amen
Dear Lord
Veronica did the best she could for you. She wiped your face and loved you for ever.
I’m sorry you had to die but as you said, “It’s the best thing to do.” You are the bravest person I have ever known. Amen
Dear Lord,
Help us to remember that things happen for a reason. When Jesus died on the cross, he did it for a good reason. We pray to the Lord, for he is our Saviour. Amen
Dear Lord,
Help us to be strong when we fall and help us to help those who are suffering. Amen
Dear Lord,
Jesus will never forget us, so we shall not forget him, let us also remember the things he has done for us. Amen
Dear Lord,
Help us to be more like Mary and to remember why Jesus died for us. Amen
Dear Lord,
Please forgive us when we have not got what we want and keep on moaning. Forgive us when we have tried to take things off others. Amen
Dear Lord,
Please give us the courage to get back up when we fall and let us help others that fall down and never to give up. Amen
Dear Lord,
Help us to be more like Mary and help us through the pain we endure by understanding the pain that Mary went through. Amen
Dear Lord,
Have mercy on us for what our sins have done to you and others. Help us to live our lives for others and not to sin against you. Amen


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